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High temperature over the fire, improve the service life of glass furnace

Author: Release time:2016-05-05 Browsing times:201

In China, the service life of glass furnace has been improved significantly in recent years. It has been improved from 4 to 6 years to 8 and 3 years. Currently the new design of the glass production line kiln age also in more than ten years, which and the improvement of quality refractory, furnace structure, masonry quality improvement and the use of reasonable operation is inseparable. And we also can not be ignored high quality baking kiln warm-up. In the process of the development of the domestic glass industry, because of unreasonable roasting kiln leaving the safe hidden trouble, resulting in kiln accident or even ahead of the discharge is not uncommon, has caused the technicians and glass production enterprise top management who attach great importance, but due to various reasons, domestic glass production enterprises both in the new furnace or cold repair of furnace baking kiln construction in high temperature after the fire is not much, the reason is nothing more than two:

One, for the short-term economic interests of the consideration. High temperature after the fire with the traditional 850 DEG C after the fire compared, high energy consumption, heating for a long time, such as: melting capacity of 1150 DEG C / D furnace too fire and 850 DEG C after the fire in, need to use diesel 80 - 100 tons, and 850 DEG C fire heating up to 1150 DEG C required heavy oil about 100 - 120 tons, the difference is calculated, 1150 DEG C after the fire fuel consumption than 850 DEG C after fire expenditure of more than 10 million yuan, but also increase the 3 - 5 days of the roasting kiln warming period. However the cost of 10 million yuan to because of unreasonable low temperature ham left furnace hidden dangers caused by the millions or even tens of millions of overhaul spending; 3 - 5 days relative to high temperature burned extend 1 - 2 years of age of the kiln, our enterprise managers will how to choose?

Second, China can reach more than 1100 DEG C after fire baking professional team of people in hard to find. High temperature over the fire needs is not only superb professional technology, but also need advanced, excellent equipment support. At present, the vast majority of domestic professional baking furnace equipment level and developed countries have a certain gap, one is the ability to heat up the temperature control is limited, one is the ability to resist high temperature materials. For example, the domestic burner burner tube, the general will be 900 degrees above the temperature around, naturally not to go. So for a long time, domestic enterprises and joint ventures have been priced out of the glass kiln company to hire foreign baking oven.

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