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Brief analysis on the performance of natural gas glass melting furnace

Author: Release time:2016-05-05 Browsing times:208

Natural gas is a colorless, tasteless, flammable, explosive, high heat value, the proportion of light gas, purified by filtration is widely used in domestic gas, surplus part of the industry. The main component of natural gas is methane, methane ignition temperature is 700 DEG C, the fuel gas in a gas burning is high.

1, high calorific value: calorific value of up to 8500KJ/m3, storage and transportation is more convenient, conducive to the melting of the concentrated heat.

2, does not contain harmful benzene, naphthalene and other aromatic substances, because it is a gas fuel, non combustible particulate fuel, combustion is complete, environmental pollution is small.

3, high security: due to the main composition is methane, natural gas in the methane content is above 94% (less than 90% of the natural gas we call for moisture), the combustion of combustible gas depends also on methane ignition temperature, concentration range, ignition temperature of 700 DEG C, fire concentration range of 5% to 15%, so, it is necessary to think of natural gas combustion, must reach a higher temperature and the required concentration.

4, high calorific value of natural gas and combustion air ratio 10:1, density ratio is 1:0.6, burning the concentration range and relatively narrow, burning velocity depends on the two mixing speed, requires to combustion control and selection of combustion equipment, to fully consider the flame adjustable.

5, glass melting furnace flame melting heat transfer mainly by radiation, flame radiation heat transfer capacity is determined in the brightness of the flame, and flame brightness depending on fuel combustion carbon particles in the process of the number of how many, in a variety of fuels, natural gas of carbon / hydrogen ratio of 3.0 - 3.2, liquid fuel of carbon / hydrogen than 6.0 - 7.4, solid fuel carbon / hydrogen ratio is 10 to 30, so that, in the use of natural gas as melting heat source to consider for flame brightness brought low heat loss, how to increase the brightness of the flame.

6, due to the change of the heat transfer characteristics of the flame, the flame brightness reduced which resulted in flame heat transfer reduction, in the material are the same calories, total calories fuel consumption will be increased, the exhaust emissions temperature will be significantly increased, considering natural gas burning heat recovery.

Taking natural gas as the fuel to melt the glass, it should fully consider its combustion characteristics, such as the structure characteristics of the furnace, the state of insulation, the performance of the burner, etc., to ensure the quality and energy consumption of the glass.

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