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Homogeneity of glass

Author: Release time:2016-05-05 Browsing times:156

Definition of homogeneous glass

Soaked thermally HST glass tempered (heat) is a hot tempered glass, refers to a specific process conditions of the treatment of sodium calcium silicate glass (referred to as the).

processing method

Heating by convection in a homogeneous furnace (a hot dip furnace). The hot air flow is parallel to the glass surface and is freely circulated between each piece of glass, and should not be hindered by the breaking of the glass. In the process of homogeneous treatment of curved tempered glass, measures should be taken to prevent the flow of the air current due to the irregular shape of the glass. The import and export of air shall not be blocked due to the breaking of the glass.

Heating up stage

The warming phase begins at the ambient temperature of all the glass, and ends at a time when the last piece of glass surface temperature reaches 280 degrees Celsius. The furnace temperature is likely to exceed 320 degrees Celsius, to keep the temperature of the glass surface below 320 degrees Celsius, should try to shorten the glass surface temperature of more than 300 degrees celsius.

Thermal insulation stage

The insulation stage starts at the time of the glass surface temperature reaching 280 degrees Celsius, and the holding time is at least 2 hours. In the whole process of the heat preservation, the temperature of the glass surface should be kept in the range of 290.

Cooling stage

When the glass is finally reached 280 degrees Celsius, after 2 hours of heat preservation, the beginning of the cooling phase, the glass temperature in this phase to the ambient temperature. When the temperature in the furnace is reduced to 70, it can be considered as the end of the cooling phase. The cooling rate should be controlled to reduce the damage caused by thermal stress in the glass.

Benefits of homogeneous tempered glass

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