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Glass machinery laser mall steep increase

Author: Release time:2016-05-05 Browsing times:197

Glass milling machine parts plus glass machinery industry by virtue of the comprehensive utilization of low cost, high beam quality advanced many advantages, the glass machinery industry fiber laser is quickly cut by the use of laser light. Fiber laser is suitable for low power marking machine, also can be assembled in the high power cut on the boot, and constantly break the power limit.

At present, some of our country rely on imports of high power fiber laser. Follow kilowatts of domestic class all fiber laser recently jointly developed, our country master kW fiber laser machine integration and large-scale production of key skills and relevant skills, in sheet metal cutting, welding and other category made important use.

In fiber laser technology, a new generation of optical fiber laser appeared in 2014 in Munich, Shanghai Light Bo; and Han's laser, Jinan gold strong domestic and foreign enterprises will also in Munich, Shanghai Light Bo will deduce the preemptive laser production and processing skills.

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