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Working principle of air source for glass machine

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Working principle of air source for glass machine

Glass mechanical equipment is an important part of the glass processing system. The glass mechanical equipment in the air pressure system is the compressed air which meets the demand of the pneumatic system, which is an important part of the air pressure system. Glass mechanical air pressure system is formed by the glass mechanical air compressor with compressed air, through cooling, purification and a series of disposal, the supply of control components and the implementation of components. The compressed air discharged by the air compressor directly from the glass machine can not be used for the pneumatic equipment, if the cleaning treatment is not carried out, and the impurities such as the water in the compressed air can not be removed. Therefore, it is necessary to set up some oil, water and dust, and make the compressed air dry, improve the quality of compressed air, air purification treatment.

Compressed air purifying equipment generally comprises a rear cooler, a water oil separating device, a gas storage tank and a glass drying device. After the cooler equipment in the glass machinery air compressor outlet pipe, the glass mechanical air compressor discharge high temperature compressed air, leading to the cooling temperature of the rear cooler. This can make the compressed air oil mist and water vapor reaches the saturation, making it as much as possible to condense into droplets discharged. : coiled pipe type, tubular, plate fin and tube type after the layout of cooler; cooling mode is water-cooled and air-cooled.

Water oil separation unit equipment in the post cooler pipe, the role is to extract and separate the water contained in the compressed air, oil grading impurities, so that the compressed air to get a preliminary purification. Combined use of the inverted annular type, bump a reflex, rotating centrifuge, water bath type and above, the layout of the water oil separation device. Water and oil separation device mainly used reversing centrifugal, viz, water bath method to drop, drop of oil and other impurities from the compressed air is extracted and separated.

The primary role of storage tank is the storage must be the number of compressed air, reduce gas pulsation of gas output, add flow continuity and weaken the glass machinery air compressor discharge piping vibration caused by the airflow ripple; more extraction separation of compressed air in the water and oil. Glass drying device is more to remove the compressed air containing water, oil and impurities, so that the compressed air dry, the supply of compressed air for the quality of the gas source of high demand for pneumatic equipment, etc.. Compressed air drying method is the first choice of adsorption, centrifugation, mechanical precipitation and freezing, etc..

A sharp noise silencer, glass machine cylinder, valves and other operations exhaust speed is higher, the rapid expansion of the volume of a gas, harsh. Silencing device refers to hinder sound propagation and agreed to the flow of air through a pneumatic components, it is through the damping or add venting area to decrease the exhaust speed and power and then decreased sharp noise. Silencer for pneumatic equipment in the primary resistance silencing device, resistance silencing device, impedance composite silencer. The pneumatic actuating element is a device for converting the pressure energy of the compressed air into the mechanical energy of the automatic packaging production line. Complete linear motion and the work is finished glass machinery cylinder, rotary motion is pneumatic motor.

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